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How They Grow in Third Grade

 What Will They Learn?

Where They Are  

The average eight-year-old is explosive, excitable, dramatic, and inquisitive. She/ He:

·  Possesses a "know-it-all" attitude.

·  Is able to assume some responsibility for    her/ his actions.

·  Actively seeks praise.

·  May undertake more than she can handle successfully.

·  Is self-critical.

·  Recognizes the needs of others. 

Where They're Going
At eight years old, your child is learning how to set goals and understand the consequences of his behavior. You can help by encouraging him as he: 

·  Explores the relationship of feelings, goals, and behavior.

·  Learns about choices and consequences.

·  Begins setting goals.

·  Becomes more responsible.

·  Learns how to work with others.


Unlike second grade, where so much time is spent reinforcing the skills taught in first grade, many new and more sophisticated skills are introduced in third grade. At this level, most students will now have nightly homework assignments. Find out what else your child will learn this year.

·  Recognize simple subjects and predicates.

·  Write sentences with subject/verb agreement. ·  Work out the pronunciation and meaning of unfamiliar words.

·  Use comprehension skills in reading.

·  Identify the plot, setting, and main characters of a story.

·  Use a dictionary.

·  Write paragraphs with a topic/main idea sentence and supporting details.

·  Add and subtract any numbers from 100 - 1,000.

.  Multiply numbers to 9 x 9 and be able to determine each related division fact.

·  Measure using standard and metric units.

·  Appreciate local history and national figures.

·  Conduct simple scientific investigations.


Each individual teacher has a specific list of supplies

that he or she requires for their class.


Please send your child on the first day of school with 

the basics (pencils, a folder, paper, crayons, etc...)


Your child's teacher will send home the required

supply list for his or her class on the first day of class.