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PROGRAM   Your child is now enrolled in an after-school care (ASC) program at Jack D. Gordon Elementary Community School. A variety of ASC activities, including homework assistance, indoor and outdoor games, music, arts and crafts has been planned for your child’s time in our program this year.

 STAFF   The program managers supervise group activity leaders that have been screened by Miami-Dade Public Schools to work directly with your children in smaller groups. All activity leaders receive a minimum of 45 hours of Department of Children and Family training.

 SNACKS   Each day a snack will be provided for your child to enjoy while in the ASC program. Please notify staff of any food allergies upon registration.

 ALTERNATE NUTRITION PLAN   If your child is unable to eat the snacks provided by the after-school care program, please contact the manager. A form will be completed and kept in your child’s file stating that the parent will provide a nutritious snack each day.

 REGISTRATION No registration card is considered complete without EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION.   All information on the card must be filled in.  It is EXTREMENLY IMPORTANT that you notify the program manager if there are any changes in the parent contact and/or emergency contact.  Please list any and all contacts and numbers that may be used in the event of an emergency. 

INSURANCE   Upon registering your child, it is mandatory to obtain student accident insurance. No child may not attend before school care or after school care programs without obtaining school insurance. This is supplemental insurance and does not take the place of family or individual medical insurance coverage. It is the responsibility of each parent to become familiar with any insurance limitations and other information provided in the brochure.

 FEES   Fees must be paid in advance based on the enclosed payment schedules. Fees may be paid by check, cash or money order. Checks are preferred. There is no partial payment for partial use of services. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO BEGIN A SERVICE PERIOD FOR WHICH PAYMENT HAS NOT BEEN MADE.

Late Pick Up Fee   A late fee of $10 per 15 minutes per family will be charged for children not picked up by 6:15 p.m. Consistent late pick up may result in the child being withdrawn from the program.

Late Payment Fee   A late payment fee of $10 will be charged for payments not received by the first day of the service period.   Some program costs may be deducted from your income taxes. You should save your cancelled checks and/or receipts from the program.

 NON-SUFFICIENT FUNDS/RETURNED CHECKS   If a check is returned to us for non-sufficient funds, we WILL NOT redeposit it. We will ask that you bring cash for the amount of the check and the additional service charge made by the bank within 24 hours of notification, to avoid withdrawing your child from the program. Once a check is returned for any reason, we will require that all payments be made in cash.

 BEFORE-SCHOOL CARE ARRIVAL PROCEDURES   Each child must be signed-in daily within the school building by an authorized person listed on the child’s registration card. Students may NOT walk in by themselves.

 RELEASE OF CHILDREN   Children may be picked up any time prior to 6:00 p.m. After 6:15 p.m. a late pick up fee will be charged. You are expected to make arrangements so that your child will be picked up on time. If an emergency arises, and you are sending someone who is not listed on the registration card to pick up your children, please contact the community school office of the site your child attends.  Make sure that person brings identification.  Children will not be released to persons that cannot provide legal identification even if the children say they know them.

 If parents are involved in litigation, and there are matters of custody pending, we cannot deny a parent the right to pick up his or her child unless the parent or guardian who registers the child can produce court papers restraining the visitation and contact of the non custodial parent to see the child/children. Those papers must be filed in the community school office.  Non custodial parents cannot come and visit the children in the after school care program since we cannot have visitors in the program.


           Pick-up   Each child must be signed-out from the after-school care office by an

AUTHORIZED ADULT listed on the child’s registration card. A pass will be issued to pick up the child from the after school care classroom.  Individuals not listed on the registration card are not  authorized to pick up students from the program.

Authorized Persons   ONLY those persons listed on your child’s registration card are considered authorized. Even family members, if not listed, are not considered authorized to pick up your child.

Walk Home   Children will not be permitted to walk home unless prior written arrangements have been made and discussed with the program manager.

Changes in Procedures   If there are any changes in the dismissal procedures for you child, daily or on a continuous basis, please notify the staff in the community school office in person and in writing immediately. This will help to ensure the safety of your child. If you pick up your child early from the regular day school program, please contact the after-school care program office so that the attendance records will document this absence.

 ILLNESS/ACCIDENTS   Should your child become ill or injured during the program, you will notified immediately. You must make arrangements to pick up your child in the event of injury or illness.

 MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION   Should your child require medication during the hours that he/she attends the program, a permission form must be filled out and kept on file. A medical authorization form must be completed and signed by a physician.  The form must be submitted with the medication by an adult to the program manager.

 BEHAVIOR/DISCIPLINE POLICY   Your child will be under the supervision of qualified personnel familiar with the school. Guidelines and rules for the program are the same as the regular school program and will be explained to your child. Rough conduct, disrespect to leaders, destruction of property or equipment, vandalism, use of profanity, or any other undesirable act will result in disciplinary action and, if necessary, removal from the program. You will be contacted about serious and/or repeated misbehavior. If your child continually misbehaves, he/she may be withdrawn from the program.

 REFUND/CREDIT POLICY   Any student who is absent for 5 OR MORE CONSECUTIVE DAYS from the after-school care program as well as regular school, may receive credit for the amount of paid days absent. At the request of the parent, this amount may be deducted from the amount of the payment for the following service period. Teacher work days and holidays do not count for credit since they are not included in the amount charged.  If a parent chooses to bring the child on a teacher work day an additional charge of $20.00 will be assessed for that day.

 WITHDRAWAL   A student withdrawing from the after-school care program after payment has been made may be given a refund for the paid unused days. Parents are responsible for notifying the after-school care manager or secretary in WRITING as to the date of withdrawal



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