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HOW THEY GROW IN Kindergarten


  Where They Are :

The average five-year-old is good, helpful, and conforming. He/She:

  Attempts only things he knows he or she can do.

  Needs attention, affection, and praise.

  Is energetic and fidgety.

  Has a short attention span.

  May show opposite extremes of behavior.

  May become less well-behaved as the school year progresses.

Where They're Going
At five years old, your child is learning to understand herself. You can help by encouraging her as she:

  Develops a positive, realistic self-image.

  Learns to respect herself.

  Begins to understand her own uniqueness.

  Gains awareness of her feelings.

  Learns to express feelings.

  Learns how to participate in groups.

  Begins to learn from her mistakes.


What Will They Learn:

In kindergarten, the major goal is to help your child become comfortable in school. She'll learn to get along with others, follow rules, and some of the basic skills needed to read, write, and do math. Find out what else your child will learn this year.

Recognize and form uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Match sounds to each alphabet letter.

Recognize and use rhyming words.

Begin reading words by using initial consonant sounds and such sound patterns as -an and -at (fan, man, can) and (sat, rat, pat).

Recognize a few frequently used sight words such as: the, and, is.

Capitalize the first and last name of a person and the word "I".

Count, recognize, and write the numbers up to 20.

Identify, draw, cut, and name squares, circles, triangles, ovals, diamonds, and rectangles. Classify and group objects according to such characteristics as shape, color, size, texture, and so on.

Understand how people in communities work together.

Use their five senses to make simple scientific observations.



Each individual teacher has a specific list of supplies that he or she requires for their class.


Please send your child on the first day of school with  the basics (pencils, a folder, paper, crayons, etc...)


Your child's teacher will send home the required supply list for his or her class on the first day of class.